Stubborn or determined…

After spending my day being frustrated with my lover I decided to go visit my lover as my lover was not answering my calls or messages in a proper way for several days.

It was not easy as my lover did not want to open the door. I had decided not to leave before we spoke face to face. So I kept my finger on the bell.

At the same time an employee of my lover was passing and she said hello how are you? She is a very kind girl that I saw ones or twice… but as I was so determined and a bit upset I could not answer anything else than that I was not ok. She was shocked of course. Normally one would answer “I’m fine thank you, how are you?”. Not being sure how to react she said: “ooh… eh… ok bye.” and she walked away. Thinking of it now this short interaction was quite funny 😀

I was of course still with my finger on the doorbell. After some discussion trough the speaker of the doorbell the door was opened. My lover was looking at me with a face of a little kid… trying to be upset with my stubbornness in order to speak together but at the same time there was a kind of smile on the face saying “my god” you really push until you get your way.

We had our talk together, me explaining that if I was a part of the life of my lover it should be clear that not answering the phone and not answering my messages is unacceptable and not very respectful. My lover was explaining the situation of my lovers company and that my lover needed the time to fix things.

The sky is now cleared again… We even had some laughter together.

I’m back home now. My frustrations are gone and I’m relaxed again. I’m happy that I did not listen to my partner and that I just did what I felt was important for our relationship.

My day seems to be ending in a nice way… on the sofa with a nice glass of wine.

Is it good to follow those strong feelings in order to be satisfied or should one listen to the voice of a partner? I don’t know.
Anyway today it seemed to be the right thing.

But still the question is: Was it stubbornness or determination what moved me?


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