Power back?

Last time I was stating that I was getting my powers back… Well that statement was wrong. Unfortunately… It wasn’t the case. Instead of getting back my powered I was collecting more and more frustration without really noticing this. Such a bad way to live!

It was not that I did not see this coming but it came very slowly. Even my holiday in between did not really help. The holiday was wonderful but getting back at work I could not catch up with my own job. I guess that at the same time my relationship was going down did not improve the situation.

Being back here typing this makes me realise that I should stick more to myself and not get depended on others. It always seems to be disappointing when I do this.

I’m going o holiday again so things should be better upon my return. I will try to write during my holiday a bit per day. I’ll try that is. Not to forget that it is time to really relax and take distance from certain things.


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