A Hernia… well it’s in the past, the operation fixed it, I hope!

After walking around for several months with pain in my lower back my frolleague forced me into an appointment with a doctor. “Go to the hospital and get a radio” the doctor said.
Radio done, just a light problem that could be fixed with some massages and exercises. Not!!! It just got worst. “Go to the hospital and get a scan” the doctor said.
Scan done, it’s a Hernia and a big one, you’ll need an operation… Ok appointment made for at the hospital to get a check up for the operation.

One week before the appointment I could hardly walk anymore. Using my office chair to get around at home I decided that I had to go to the emergency. I wouldn’t stand another week.

Luckily I went, they kept me and the operation was planned 2 days later! Yes, get that damn Hernia out of me!

No 4 weeks later I’m almost back to normal again, it’s in the past… just a bit stiffness in my lower back at the hight of the scar. Not yet back to work, but able to sit and to move around again outside!

But imagine, the first 3 weeks after the operation… hardly any pain but I had to stay on my back in bed. Being used to do everything myself, I had all of a sudden family and friends around to do shopping, cleaning and even the laundry. There was this feeling of discomfort of course as others where doing my things… but it was needed. What a luck that I have them around!

I’m happy to be almost back now! Need to get a bit more fit still but then it’s back to school!

Can’t wait 🙂